The Modified Last is a true combination last from Alden's original Foot Balance program. The last is narrow in the heel with a high instep which provides greater control and support through the rear & mid-foot. The front of the last allows the big toe to lie straight with a broad flare around the pinkie toe providing greater width and space for the toes. It is a last that fits anatomically correct and matches the shape of most feet. 



A = SUPER SLIM (A Forefoot/AAA Heel) accommodates an extremely slender foot

B = SLIM (B Forefoot/AA Heel) for a slender foot

C = NARROW (C Forefoot/A Heel) tighter fit than average in forefoot & narrow heels

D = MEDIUM (D Forefoot/B Heel) average width in forefoot & narrow heels

E = WIDE (E Forefoot/C Heel) wider fit than average in forefoot & slightly narrow heels

EEE = EXTRA WIDE (EEE Forefoot/D Heel) accommodates a very wide foot

EEEE = SUPER WIDE(EEEE Forefoot/E Heel) accommodates an extremely wide foot